Coronavirus Update

Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus we will be working only from the Crewe Office, the telephone numbers 01270 214009 (Crewe), 01270 625230 (Nantwich) & 01270 812331 (Audlem) will be in operation 24 hours a day.

We are trying for your safety and the safety of our staff, to keep personal contact to a minimum and therefore whenever possible we will communicate by email, phone or post.

Funeral services can still take place at the crematorium however only close family members should attend as follows:

Spouse / Partner
Parents / Carers
Brothers / Sisters

Children and their partners

The crematorium chapel seating has been reduced by half and therefore it will not be possible for large numbers of mourners to attend.

There will however in the future, when normality returns, the possibility of having a service of thanksgiving for your loved ones, should you so wish.

We will not during this period be offering limousines for mourners again for your own safety and the safety of our staff.

As a company we will endeavour to do everything to ensure that you are given the best service and support and thank you for your understanding.

Oxley’s Funeral Services