Pre-Paid Funeral Plans Explained By Sarah Douglas QPM

Sarah Douglas

Purchasing a funeral plan enables you to pre-plan and pre-pay all your end of life wishes in advance. In doing so, you enjoy peace of mind and key benefits; purchasing a funeral plan helps remove the emotional burden and much of the financial worry from your next of kin at a time in their lives when they are least able to cope. A funeral plan also enables you to fix the cost at today’s prices and enables you to specify precisely your funeral arrangements.

There are many providers of funeral plans on the market and at first glance some appear to offer the same services, however when contemplating the purchasing of a plan there are some issues you should consider.

  1. Does the plan guarantee both the funeral directors costs and the cost of disbursements i.e. the crematorium, minister, medical costs etc?. Whilst many providers will guarantee the funeral director’s costs the majority do not guarantee disbursements and therefore at the time of arranging a funeral the next of kin will be responsible for paying the shortfall which, given the rising costs relating to crematoria charges can be substantial.
  2.  Does the plan you have taken out offer flexibility? Many plans constrain the applicant to a set plan which in many cases does not meet your exact needs, the plan should be unique to you and offer exactly what you require.
  3. Always ask the provider if there are any commissions involved, you may think that the money you have paid is on the understanding that it will be solely invested in your trust. Frequently, because you have been sold the plan by a third party they will take a com- mission, and the funeral director will be offered substantially less than you have paid to carry out your funeral, and as a consequence, they may refuse to accept the plan. A plan recently sold by a company through a third party was sold for £3850.00 with the funeral director receiving £2200, the difference related to set up and commission fees.

Oxley’s Funeral Services have been providing pre-paid funeral plans for over 20 years. We are associated with Golden Leaves Trust who are a founder member of the National Association for pre-paid plans and a registered provider of pre-paid plans with the Funeral Planning Authority.

We offer fully guaranteed plans covering both the funeral director’s costs and the disbursements. We are also Monumental Masons and will (if requested) include in the plan a memorial, interment of ashes and a casket again at a guaranteed price, therefore no additional monies will be asked for at the time of need.

If you would like to receive more information regarding our funeral plans or would like to discuss our plans with our with our dedicated member of staff Sarah Douglas, please do not hesitate to contact our office on 01270 214009.

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