Arranging A Funeral

For many people the thought of arranging a funeral at a time when they are at their most fragile can be a daunting prospect.  We ensure that all the necessary practical requirements are taken care of from the reporting of a death right through to the support families or friends may require in the future.

We understand the difficulties you face and will do our utmost to give you the highest standard of service and care.

Personalising a Funeral

In more recent years there has been an increasing demand for a personalised service, which is more reflective of the person’s life and character. It is often that members of the deceased’s family or friends wish to say a personal tribute, or request particular music either during the service or thereafter. We can assist you in arranging a befitting dedication for your loved one.

Traditional Funeral

When a traditional funeral is chosen we are able to arrange and conduct a service to suit all denominations and cultures. We have links with local Vicars, Priests, Ministers and other religious leaders in the Cheshire Area and will be pleased to contact them on your behalf and assist you with the arrangements and Order of Service.  For many families it is important that the funeral follows the tradition bestowed to past family members, we will assist you in achieving this goal.

Celebrant, Humanist or Non-Religious Funerals

These are becoming popular for people who do not follow a particular religion but would like a service of dedication to the memory of the deceased. The focus of a the funeral is on the person who has died, honouring and celebrating their life, including personal tributes, poems or music in place of hymns and prayers. We can assist you in arranging the funeral ensuring that it is tailored to your individual needs.

We are fortunate to have our own in-house celebrants who will assist you in preparing a tribute and the content of the service. Following the funeral a typed copy of the service is available if you would like to keep it as a keepsake of the day.

Death and Obituary Notices

You may wish to place an announcement in a local or national newspaper, which enables you to announce the date, time and location of the funeral and also detailing floral or a preferred charity for donations. We will assist in the preparation the death notice and forward to the papers on your behalf. If you would like to place an obituary notice in the paper following the funeral we will provide you with the relevant forms and assist you if required. Please note the obituary notice is published free of charge however expressions of thanks are subject to charge.

Orders of Service

We are able to provide personalised orders of service, which are beautifully presented and provide mourners with a memorable keepsake. The artwork can include photographs supplied by you or any other images relating to the person who has died.

Some families wish to prepare their own orders of service, should you require any assistance in relation to the content , please do not hesitate to ask.

Burial and Cremation

Depending on religion, family tradition or the deceased’s personal choice, you will need to consider what type of funeral you require. It is increasingly the case that the deceased will have left a Will,Funeral Plan or Funeral Wishes detailing their requirements.

To assist you in considering the options, the following information may assist your choice.

Traditional Burials

Traditional burials are when a minister holds the funeral service in a church, chapel or other religious venue. The deceased may be buried in an existing family grave or a new grave. We can assist with all elements of planning a traditional burial and will be able to advise you in respect of church and cemetery regulations.

Cremation Services

Cremation services are usually less costly than burials, especially where cemetery or graveyard land is limited. A service can take place solely at the crematorium chapel or you may wish to have a church service followed by a service of committal at the crematorium chapel.  Either option can still include the traditions of a burial, or be tailored to your wishes.

Woodland Burials

Woodland Burials offer a natural form of burial and can provide important environmental benefits as well as giving a true sense of creating life from death. At a woodland site a tree may be planted as a memorial, though headstones and other memorial plaques are almost always prohibited.

Chapel of Rest

Following the certification of death, we will bring, if it is your wish, your loved one into our care.

Many people find solitude in visiting their loved one and the opportunity to say ‘Goodbye’, others prefer to remember their loved ones as they were before they died.  You are welcome to visit our Chapels of Rest, preferably by appointment, which provide a peaceful and quiet place for family and friends to pay their last respects.

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