The Day Of The Funeral

The Day of the Funeral

On the day of the funeral we will oversee all aspects of the day, confirming timings and the route of the funeral procession. The Funeral Director will have previously visited the place from where the funeral cortege is to meet, however if you are aware of any obstructions, please let The Funeral Staff know to enable cones etc to be placed.

If required we will act a pallbearers, or assist family / friends who may wish to undertake this task. It is usual that either four or six bearers carry the coffin.

At the Church or Crematorium our staff will be there to greet mourners, distribute service sheets and attendance cards. Seats at the front of the Church or Chapel will be reserved for family members. Following the Service, the limousine will take relatives and friends to the chosen venue for the  funeral reception.

Throughout the day of the funeral we will ensure you have nothing to worry or be concerned about in respect of the funeral arrangements, enabling you to focus on the funeral and spend time with your family and friends in remembering your loved one.

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