Floral Tributes

We are able to order floral tributes on your behalf  or you may wish to choose your own florist to supply your floral tribute. We have a supply of flower cards for you to write your own personal message, or your florist will supply these for you.

If you are ordering your own floral arrangements please check with Oxley’s the time the florist is required to deliver the tributes before the funeral service so that they can be placed in the hearse with accompanying floral tributes.

There are a number of options in respect of placing the flowers following a funeral, please indicate to Oxley’s your wishes:

  • The Floral Court (If the funeral is at the Crematorium)
  • To be given to the Church
  • To be placed on a grave
  • To be taken by the relatives
  • To be given to a nursing home / hospice etc
  • Other wishes

Flowers 1

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