We have been serving Crewe and Nantwich for many years. Here's what some of our customers have said.

Dear Sarah, I just wanted to say thank you for turning a very difficult morning into something very special. Your reading of the Eulogy was heartfelt and it was lovely to hear about his life again – even though I’d written it! The service was perfect, everything I could have wished for him and again with thanks to you for guiding me. You do an amazing job and it takes a special kind of person who can instantly connect to people at such a difficult time.


Sarah I wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for last weeks short service as we placed Dad’s ashes in the ground. You were, as before, exceptional and professional, thank you. Reflecting on the relationship we have had as a family with Oxley’s makes me thankful for my Mum and Dad’s choice of putting their arrangements with Oxley’s. We have been supported and protected in a difficult year.

Our family would like to thank everyone involved at Oxley’s in the care of my dear husband, Ian, over the past few weeks.
We would like to give special thanks to Cynthia who has been attentive, helping with every detail and offering advice along the way, showing great empathy and considering our feelings at every stage. She has become part of the family during these past weeks helping us through a very emotional and heart breaking time, becoming a great comfort for us.
On the day of the funeral the pallbearers were so professional in their work and in allowing Pete and Graham to help take their father-in-law to Church.
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We want to say a very big thank you for all the love, compassion and care you gave to our Dad, Stuart and to us as a family, you went above and beyond. A special thank you to Sarah for your beautiful words, to Tony for your support and all those who supported our Dad.


On Tuesday 21st August my wife and I attended a funeral at Crewe Cemetery where you were the funeral directors, and I am writing to you on this subject.

The mourners were met by some smartly turned out staff members of your company and given attendance cards and a supply of very attractive ball point pens with which to write on the cards. The pens, although a small part of the overall manner in which the funeral was carried out, were of high quality compared with some funeral pens I have used in the past which resembled “betting shop” pens, and this set the tone of the overall presentation and decorum with which your bearers conducted themselves throughout the occasion.

All of the bearers were well turned out in matching trousers and jackets. They were well washed and dressed, with hair neatly arranged, and all were of a similar stature so that the coffin was kept on an “even keel” when handled. In the chapel a bere was used so that there was no shuffling about by the bearers, and the whole exercise of placing the coffin and removing it at the end of the service was very well executed.

The hearse was clean and gleaming and the service at the graveside was conducted with due decorum by your staff and the presiding minister.

I do not expect that you receive many compliments as to the manner in which your company, and the staff you employ, conduct yourselves, but you get all the moans when things are not according to mourners’ wishes.

I would like to draw your attention especially to the tall, well built employee with the small beard who was in attendance. He was obviously a longer term employee and his conduct to me and the other mourners was exemplary. He is a shining beacon for your company and should be recognised as such.

My thanks to all your staff, who, on that day, performed their duties well to the credit of each of them and the company that employs them!


Thank you so much for today the service was beautiful for Roy. You all have been so kind since since the moment we contacted you, I cannot thank you enough Sarah.


We would like to take the opportunity to thank you Sarah for the lovely send off you helped to provide for Dad today, it really could not have been any better. Could you also thank your colleagues who have been involved since you took Dad into your charge when he passed away.


After meeting Dave and Les at our home and then when Sarah came the next day – we knew we were in good and safe hands. You were all so very reassuring and caring. The funeral was arranged in such a respectful way – taking a huge amounts if pressure from our family. We are very grateful.


Tony, Sarah and all at Oxley’s. Thank you Tony for all your care and kindness in arranging Mum’s funeral. Also Sarah a big thank you for the lovely service which everyone commented on, and how well you summed up Mum’s life.


May I take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of us all at The Elms for such a lovely service you gave Doris today. Please pass on our thanks to Ben and his staff who treated Doris with the utmost respect from start to finish. I’m sure Doris would have been overwhelmed with the kind words and music choices.


To Ben, Just to say Thank you very much for Mums funeral. It was lovely and a very caring send off for her. Everything went very smoothly, and we all feel it was down to you and all the staff at Oxley’s. Thank you, Lavinia Jones.


Dear Ben,

We just wanted to say, ‘thank you so much’ for all your help and support given during this past few, very difficult weeks. From our first meeting you gave us comfort and the confidence we needed to assure that Alan’s funeral went without any hiccups so to say. We never thought that in a million years that we would be making funeral arrangements for our son, but Ben, you and your colleagues did an exceptional job and Alans funeral was perfect. For that, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts and please pass our thank you on to the rest of the Oxley’s staff. You all do a tremendous job and we are sure it’s quite difficult at times.

With our best wishes and kind regards,

Thank you once again.

Jane, Ray and all the Elston family.