There are many things to do at the time and soon after a death. The following check list is designed to assist you in remembering some of the legal requirements and organisations you may need to notify:

Registering a Death – remember to take:

  • The death certificate                                                                                    
  • A copy of the deceased’s birth certificate and medical card                
  • Date and Place of death                                                                             
  • Deceased’s address                                                                                    
  • Deceased’s full name and if applicable, a female’s maiden name    
  • Deceased’s date and place of birth                                                          
  • Deceased’s occupation and the occupation of any spouse                
  • Details of any pension or allowance from public funds                                   
  • If married, the date of birth of the surviving Widow or Widower          

For the Funeral Director – remember to take:

  • The Green Certificate & Grave Deed for Cemetery Burials                  

Organisations to be informed

  • Place of work / Employer                                                                              
  • Family Doctor and/or Hospital the person was attending                     
  • Inland Revenue                                                                                           
  • Social Security re pension/benefit payments                                         
  • Car Insurance / DVLA / Car Registration                                                    
  • Utility Companies – gas, electric, water, telephone                               
  • Insurance Companies                                                                                
  • Local Housing Department / Council tax                                                   
  • Post Office for re-directing mail                                                                 
  • Newsagent
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