Glossary Of Funeral Terminology

Funeral Director is the person who undertakes the funeral arrangements on your behalf.

Medical Certificate issued by the Doctor to certify the cause of death.

Registrar is the person responsible for registering a death.

Informant is the person who registers the death.

Green Certificate is the burial or cremation certificate issued by the Registrar and required by the Funeral Directors.

White Certificate is a certificate of registration of death, which can be used for social security purposes.

Post-mortem is the examination of a body after death. It is also known as an autopsy. Post-mortems are carried out by pathologists – doctors who specialise in the diagnosis of disease and the identification of the cause of death.

Coroner is an official responsible for investigating a death where the cause is not immediately known or where there may be suspicious circumstances.

Inquest is the process for determining where, when, and how the deceased came to their death and occasionally to find out the identity of the deceased. An inquest is held at the Coroner’s Court.

Will is the (last will and testament) and a legal document that contains your wishes about what you would like to happen to your assets and property after you die.

Funeral Plan enables you to plan and pay for your funeral in advance. The cost of your Funeral Director is guaranteed at the time of your plan despite the number of years you live thereafter.

Chapel of Rest is the place where the deceased is cared for prior to a funeral.

Pallbearers are those who carry the coffin.

Memorial is an item or monument which serves to keep in memory like a headstone, plaque, vase of tablet.

Probate is the process, which proves the authenticity of a Will.

Disbursements – are Doctors, Clergy or Crematoria fees that fall out of the control of the Funeral Director.

Funeral Grants are monies that can be obtained towards the cost of a funeral depending on personal circumstances.

Bereavement Payment is a ‘one off’ lump sum payment of £2000 paid by the government. (Refer to brochure for further details)

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