Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to some frequently asked questions.

How do we know what to do at the funeral?

The Funeral Director will be there to assist and guide you, your family and friends.

Can the family carry the coffin?

Yes, however please advise the Funeral Director if this is your wish.

Can we visit the deceased and pay our last respects?

Yes, our Chapel of Rest is open and available to you.  Please contact our office to arrange your visit.

Can the deceased be brought home?

Yes, we can bring the deceased home either on the evening prior to the funeral or on the morning of the service.

Can we have our choice of music played at the crematorium?

Yes, please let the Funeral Director know your choice of music as soon as you can. The Crematorium provides the music for all services held there, if music is required for the Church then please supply of ask the funeral arranger to obtain for you.

How many hymns of pieces of music are we allowed?

The number of hymns or pieces of music you choose is personal choice however be cognisant of the length and the content of the service.  As a guide music is usually played when entering the Church or crematorium chapel and two hymns or two pieces of music played.

Is each cremation carried out individually?

Yes, the Crematorium Attendant checks the Coffin nameplate before it is placed in the cremation chamber.

What can I do with the Cremated Remains?

You can:

– Place them in the Garden of Remembrance
– Purchase a new grave just for the purposes of interring the cremated remains.  This allows you to have a headstone and enables other family members of the family to be buried there in the future.
– Keep them at home in a special urn or memorial
– Scatter them in a special place
– They can be buried in an existing family grave

If you would like to discuss any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact us 

How will I know who attended the funeral?

Attendance Cards are distributed at the funeral service, however you may wish to have a memorial book for special messages.

What are Doctors Forms?

When a funeral is a cremation, two doctors MUST attend and certify death. The FIRST doctor must be the doctor who attended the deceased during their illness. The role of the SECOND doctor is essentially one of confirmation. This doctor must not be related to the first doctor either through practice or family.  Each doctor will make a separate charge, which we will pay on behalf of the deceased’s family.

How many people can be seated in a limousine?

Each limousine accommodates six people in the rear compartment and there is room for one person in the front with the chauffeur.

What about catering after the Funeral?

If you require catering after the funeral you can make your own arrangements or we can provide details of local catering establishments or home catering services.

What about Newspaper Notices?

If you require either a Death Notice or Acknowledgement in a local newspaper, please let us know and we will make the necessary arrangements on your behalf.

When is the Funeral Account payable?

The funeral account is sent to the person responsible for making the arrangements or the solicitor approximately seven days following the funeral. Payment is then required within 28 days, and can be settled by cash, cheque or credit card.

How soon after a burial can I put a headstone on the grave?

The times vary dependant on the type of ground. We carry out all the monumental work at our premises and our stonemasons will be pleased to advise you regarding the time implications associated with headstones and memorials.

Do I need to have my loved one embalmed?

No, in the majority of cases it is unnecessary to undertake embalming which is not only quite intrusive but an additional expense. Our Funeral Directors will advise you on whether embalming is appropriate, which if the funeral is delayed for a long period of time may be the course of action to take. Please note that if the deceased is repatriated then embalming is required.

Any questions about funerals?
Please contact us for more information and advice